How to become a new qualified material supplier for CNPC?

How to become a new qualified material supplier for CNPC?

On September 14, 2016, CNPC’s B2B e-commerce platform Energy Ahead issued a notice saying that the Corporation would cancel the annual examination and admission card. After the notification, the previous admission card for material suppliers offered by CNPC would become invalid. However, this movement does not indicate the cancellation of the admission qualification examination for suppliers; electronic admission qualification would fill its shoes.

So what is on earth the CNPC’S material suppliers?

Material suppliers refer to manufacturers and other legal persons which supply CNPC and its subsidiaries with supplies, and are divided into primary material suppliers that provide primary materials and equipment procurement, and secondary material suppliers that provide secondary materials and equipment procurement.

But how to distinguish primary supplies and secondary supplies?

First, primary supplies include the materials and equipment managed and procured by the headquarters, and the bulk cargo and large sets of equipment classified in accordance with Materials and Equipment Classification and Code for the Petroleum Industry, which meet the managing needs of the company as well as feature strong universality and a high degree of standardization. The item lists are issued in CNPC Management Directory of Primary Supplies Procurement.

And supplies excluded in CNPC Management Directory of Primary Supplies Procurement are sorted into secondary ones. You can call Energy Ahead for the classification of the products you supply.

Introduction to Procedures for Main Businesses of Suppliers and FAQ

1.Management Categories of CNPC’s Material Suppliers

The management categories of CNPC’s supplies include primary material suppliers and secondary material suppliers.

Primary material suppliers refer to suppliers that supply primary materials and equipment procurement as well as materials and equipment listed in the headquarters’ management directory for overseas projects. Secondary supplies refer to suppliers that only supply secondary materials and equipment procurement as well as materials and equipment not listed in the headquarters’ management directory for overseas projects.

2.Management Mode of CNPC’s Material Suppliers

CNPC implements a centralized management by two levels. The headquarters is responsible for the management of primary material suppliers, and its subsidiaries take charge of the management of secondary material suppliers.

CNPC organizes and establishes a unified supplier base to achieve its management goals through the supplies procurement management information system. Suppliers can register, log in or view the relevant information via Energy Ahead (www.energyahead.com).

3.Admission Procedures for CNPC’s Material Suppliers

CNPC conducts qualification examination of public bidding for material suppliers. In principle, the bidding is organized in the second quarter each year and approves the admission of materials and equipment according to the Materials and Equipment Classification and Code for the Petroleum Industry (SY/T5497).

Suppliers shall follow the procedures, namely online registration, admission program compilation, admission program review, bidding agency’s qualification examination of public bidding, site inspection, admission publicity and information input. Supplier admission information will be published on Energy Ahead and Cnpcbidding.com if necessary.

4.Admission Procedures for Suppliers Winning Open Biding of Procurement Projects

Suppliers winning bidding of the procurement project can submit the bidding notice, the bid acceptance notice, the procurement unit’s opinion and the site inspection (if necessary), and will gain admission after all the documents and conditions have been verified.

5.Admission Procedures for Agents of Primary Supplies Manufactures

Professional working group authorized by primary material suppliers inform the manufactures that have passed the qualification examination to put forward the list of agents according to the approved admission program, and report to the management department for record and announcement after review.

Manufacturers that need to alter the agent shall follow the principle of one in, one out and control of the total amount, submitting an application to the professional working group authorized by primary material suppliers who will report to the management department for record and announcement after review.

6.Procures of Applying and Altering Information in Base for Suppliers that Gain Admission

Suppliers in CNPC’s base do not need to handle admission card. Input information will be subject to suppliers’ information in the resource base. Information review of primary material suppliers has been assigned to Energy Ahead and information review of secondary material suppliers has been assigned to CNPC’s subsidiaries.

(1)Procedures for information reporting of suppliers that gain admission

Suppliers that gain admission voluntarily register and report enterprise information, materials required and admission products etc. on Energy Ahead (www.energyahead.com).

(2)Procedures for altering general information of suppliers in the base

Suppliers in the base who will alter information including name, basic information of the company, qualification information, etc., shall update and maintain the information on Energy Ahead (www.energyahead.com) by themselves. Name alteration will only be handled until suppliers upload such qualifications as all kinds of documents and inspection reports after alerting enterprise name. Suppliers can log into the system and report the information in accordance with the specific requirements set by the system for various types of information alteration.

(3)Provisions on applying for the alteration of admission products of suppliers in the base

Subsidiaries of the suppliers in the base and new enterprises with independent legal personality formed by acquisition, merger and division shall be re-admitted according to the procedures of qualification examination of public bidding.

Suppliers in the base alerting from secondary material suppliers into primary material suppliers shall be re-admitted according to the procedures of qualification examination of public bidding.

Suppliers in the base applying for adding new varieties under the sub-categories that gain admission shall be reviewed by professional working group authorized by primary material suppliers who will provide opinions, and be admitted after receiving approval from management department.

Suppliers in the base applying for adding supplies of sub-categories and superior categories shall be re-admitted according to the procedures of qualification examination of public bidding.

7.How to Track Handing Progress of Business Applied by Suppliers

Suppliers with an account on Energy Ahead can inquire handing progress of their business via logging into the system after submitting a business application at any time. Specific steps are as follows:

(1)Self-Service -> Self-Service Query -> Progress Query
(2)Self-Service -> Self-Service Query -> Alteration Notification Query
(3)Receiving business reminder from e-mail filled in in registration

8.How Suppliers Can View Information of Their Admission Products

After logging into the system at homepage, suppliers shall click Supplier Management, Self-Service, Self-Service Inquiry and Information Query in sequence. Relevant information about the supplier will be displayed in the right-hand workspace. Click Product Information in the workspace can lead to information query of their own product.

9.Procedures of Relevant Matters for Secondary Material Suppliers

Secondary material suppliers can directly consult subsidiaries of CNPC about such businesses as admission and alteration.

10.Complaint Handling Process

Suppliers with reasonable complaints can first submit written materials to Energy Ahead, or directly complain to the department of discipline inspection and supervision.


Appendix: CNPC’s Notice on Cancellation of Annual Examination and Admission Card

Notice for All Material Suppliers

According to the CNPC Management Measures of Material Suppliers (No.[2016]301, CNPC Procurement Department), the Corporation discontinues to issue admission cards to material suppliers. Admission information shall be subject to the information in the supplier base on Energy Ahead (www.energyahead.com). All sectors and organs in CNPC obtain suppliers’ information and conduct daily management through the supplier base.

In order to enable suppliers to effectively participate in procurement and bidding, all suppliers in the base must work closely with the Corporation to ensure that the information in the supplier base is accurate, true and effective.

1.Suppliers shall truthfully register and maintain their enterprise information on Energy Ahead, including the enterprise name, registered address, legal person, business registration and registration information, business scope, registered capital, bank, qualification and contact information.

2.When the enterprise information alters, the supplier shall promptly login into Energy Ahead to submit an application for information alteration. Contact information can be altered by suppliers themselves; the alteration of legal person, business registration and registration information, business scope, registered capital, bank, qualification information shall be checked and approved by Energy Ahead; the alteration of company name and registered address shall be validated by supplier management department. Suppliers can inquire the details of information alteration process in “Support Services for Suppliers’ Businesses and Techniques” of Energy Ahead.

3.Supplier qualification information is subject to the supplier’s qualification document uploaded to Energy Ahead. Once a supplier’s qualification information becomes invalid, the system will automatically freeze its transaction eligibility.

4.Primary material suppliers can check the alteration progress on Energy Ahead at any time, while secondary material suppliers, with a need to inquire and check the information alteration progress, shall contact their supplier management department.

After the issuance of this notice, the admission cards previously issued by CNPC will be invalid.

Procurement Department of China National Petroleum Corporation

September 14, 2016






























库内供应商信息发生变更时(含更名、企业基本信息、资质信息等),由供应商自行在能源一号网站(www.energyahead.com)中更新维护。 属于名称变更的,供应商应上传企业名称变更后的各类证件、检验报告等资质,方予受理。各类信息变更的具体要求,供应商可登陆系统,按照系统设置好的要求填写提报。

















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