The shale gas 3D exploration project of the largest single block of CNPC has completed

The shale gas

On April 7th, in Zi 201 well area of Sichuan Weiyuan region, the field construction and collection work of shale gas 3D exploration project is fully completed. The project collects 19,100 shots of seismic data in all, and all the quality indicators are better than the project contract requirements. This project is a key exploration engineering project of national shale gas demonstration area construction in Changning and Weiyuan County of Sichuan, which is also currently the single block shale gas 3D exploration project with the largest construction area of the CNPC. The main work areas of this project are in Weiyuan County and Rong County of Sichuan, with a construction area of 742.5 square kilometers. The field seismic data acquisition of this project are all applying the geophysical prospecting tri-component technology, and it’s also the first time to apply tri-component technology in shale gas exploration.

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