• 通过关注商业动态,用户可以获得全球化的视野,亦可以知悉资本动态及项目信息,让企业的洞察先人一步。
  • 通过关注技术装备信息,用户可以时刻跟踪国内外石油行业的技术发展情况,知己知彼、取长补短,通过科技驱动引领企业发展。
  • 通过行业观察,用户可以培养更前瞻的行业判断力,还可以借鉴国际先进的管理理念,提升企业的核心价值。
  • 此外我们实时跟踪全球近百个招标信息渠道,帮助国内企业及时准确地获取商机,助力中国企业走向海外。


Oilsns is a consulting company invested by China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC, the third largest O&G corporation in China) (website: website: www.oilsns.com)  

Oilsns, as an integrated internet platform for global oil and gas industry, provides you a quick way to view latest business news, technology updates and procurement demands in both China and abroad. And we aim to be a booster in O&G field to push your business forward with sorted suppliers, experts and data information.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

1.  Online Business to Business (B2B) information services.

We are now covering over 200 O&G companies’ public tenders in 58 countries worldwide. We provide global public procurement information, business information, bid facilitation and consultancy services.  

Our procurement information contains tenders (RFP/RFQ/EOI/ICB etc.), upcoming projects, procurement news and etc, see on website: http://chain.oilsns.com/tender/index.html 

Bid consultancy and facilitation services are like:

•    Procurement of Tender Documents.

 •    Attending Pre-Bid meetings

 •    Translation of tender Documents.

 •    Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser.

 •    Preparation of responsive and winning bids.

 •    Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)

 •    Providing Market Intelligence, local Taxes and Duties.

 •    Successful and timely submission of tender document.

 •    Attending Bid Opening

 •    Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution 

2.  Media marketing and supplier services.  

If you have a procurement demand, you are welcomed to publish it on our website for free  (http://chain.oilsns.com/require/index.html). We would help to get your announcement across to as many people as possible around the world through twitter, linked in, facebook and wechat. 

And besides, having China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and SGS Industrial Oil & Gas Services as our backbone, we have accumulated tens of thousands of suppliers’ information in the Oil & Gas industry, which greatly increase the efficiency to help you find suitable suppliers for certain projects.  

3. Advertising Services.

If you’d like to popularise your company and products, we could help to design the brochure, and publish it on our wechat, website (http://www.oilsns.com) and Magazines (http://www.oilsns.com/article/category/magazine).

 4. Head hunting services.

 It includes:

 Recruiting elites for senior vacancies in oil and gas industry;

 Providing professional experts with abundant work experience to solve technology problems in O&G fields;

 Provide solutions for urgent and flexible employment demands.

5. Other services.

We also provide certain market research reports, professional petroleum translation services , etc.

This is the age of information overload, sometimes it is difficult for decision makers to segregate the chaff from wheat and make quick decision. Oilsns adopts the philosophy of delivering the right information at the right time. Every piece of information is well selected and delivered to certain client, matching with his chosen area. 

Reach out if you are interested in our services, please feel free to call us at +86-022-60718092 .