Drilling engineering of Eastern Sichuan gas storeroom of Chuanqing Drilling and Exploration Company have all been completed

drill completed

Recently the last well, Xiangjian 1 well of Xiangguosi gas storeroom constructed by Eastern Sichuan of Chuanqing Drilling and Exploration Company, is drilled to the depth of 2558 meters and successfully completed. So far thirteen new injection and production wells and two new monitoring wells of Xiangguosi gas storeroom have all been completed, making all the drilling engineering of Xiangguosi gas storeroom completed. Xiangguosi gas storeroom is the first constructed gas storeroom making use of carbonate depleted gas reservoir in China, which is the first gas storeroom in southwestern area and also the second largest one in China. The design capacity is 40.5 multiply by 108 cubic meters. In December of 2014 for the first time it achieves seasonal gas production to adjust the peak, playing an important role in peak regulation and ensuring the supply for the Sichuan-Chongqing region. Up to now, the wellbore quality qualified ratio, target layer drilling ratio and qualified rate of engineering data of fifteen wells in Xiangguosi gas storeroom all reach 100 percent. The drilling engineering of Xiangguosi gas storeroom achieves complete success.

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