China’s first drilling platform intelligent welding shop has passed pre-acceptance

 intelligent welding shop

On April 8th, the project of offshore drilling platform equipment manufacturing and intelligent welding shop, which belongs to national intelligent manufacturing equipment and development special project led by the ZPMC, has passed pre-acceptance. The offshore drilling platform equipment manufacturing and intelligent welding shop is the first national marine equipment workshop of intelligent manufacturing, realizing the digital design, robot’s automatic welding, thick plate efficient welding technology and informationalized workshop management, and building an intelligent welding shop production mode of large sized structure components.

Multiple technologies of this project are in the industry first-class and domestic leading level, and fill in the blanks of many techniques in the domestic marine equipment manufacturing field, including welding joint automatic nondestructive testing of pile leg main tube , efficient automatic welding of pile leg rack chord butt joint, and robot’s automatic backing welding and so on.

The intelligent welding workshop possesses the first efficient, intelligent, automatic and digital welding production line of marine equipment core components in China. The production line adopts large thick plate intelligent welding robot, which greatly improves the productivity of pile leg and breaks the foreign monopoly in this field. It will turn the situation around that 80 percent of current platform pile legs are dependent on imports.

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