Sinopec’s most advanced offshore platform “Exploration VII” was delivered to use

offshore drilling

On April 12, as the JU2000E type of offshore jack-up drilling platform of Sinopec Offshore Oil Engineering Company, “Exploration VII” was delivered in Yantai shipyard of CIMC.

As all the main equipment used the current international advanced devices, “Exploration VII” became the most advanced offshore drilling equipment of Sinopec. For the platform, the length was 70.36 meters, the width was 76 meters, the depth was 9.45 meters, the length of deadman was 167 meters, the diameter of deadman was 18 meters, the design draft was 6.7 meters and 140 people could live in it. What’s more, maximum operating depth was 122 meters (400 feet), the maximum drilling depth was 10,668 meters (35,000 feet), the lowest operating temperature was 20 degrees below zero and it was adopted in American Shipping Bureau.

“Exploration VII” was managed by Sinopec Offshore Oil Engineering Company and equipped with a set of Aker MH pack. It owned high degree of automatic, integration and intelligence.

“Exploration VII” would rush to the South China Sea immediately after delivery and provided drilling service for “Weizhou VI ” well which was the block of Shanghai Bureau in North Bay, achieving the seamless run from the shipyard to the market in the “winter” period of oil industry.

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