CNPC may recombined the petroleum engineering sector


An insider of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation said that CNPC may recombined the petroleum engineering sector and the initial scheme was established. As the secondary class unit of CNPC, Construction Corporation had selected people to attend the drafting of the program.

Weier Oil and Gas Technology Development Co., Ltd. which was the branch of CPEDC would be eliminated. As the branch of Engineering Construction Corporation, China Petroleum Design Institute of East China and Dalian Design Institute would be designated to the HQCEC.

In the business of engineering supervision, as the branch of CPEDC, Beijing Xingyou engineering supervision Co., Ltd. would be combined with China Petroleum Langwei Supervision Co., Ltd. and Beijing Spike Project Management Co., Ltd. which was the branch of Engineering Construction Corporation into the CNPC to become the secondary units

According to the above plan, engineering construction sector of CNPC would be formed into three parts including the upstream of engineering construction corporation and engineering design corporation, the midstream of pipeline Bureau and the downstream of HQCEC.

In addition, the equipment manufacturing business of Beijing Di of China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation (referred to as HQCEC) were combined together.

A preliminary plan for the restructuring of the sector was that China Petroleum Engineering Design Co. LTD (referred to as CPEDC in the following) was assigned to Engineering Construction Corporation, and three corporations including Beijing Branch of CPEDC, Beijing Branch of Engineering Construction Corporation and upstream division.

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