Jilin Oilfield gets benefit from the low permeability reservoir

jilin oilfield

From April 5th to 7th, Jilin Oilfield carries its first group fracturing aiming at effective development of old oilfields in the new block Ⅵ. The total fracturing reconstruction is 38 intervals, improving the efficiency by 5.5 times compared with conventional fracturing, increasing the oil recovery of 1.1%, and saving costs of 2 million yuan.

The scale of group fracturing is very large, including high water turnaround fracturing, drugs fracturing, conventional fracturing, large-scale fracturing and a complex combination of a variety of fracturing methods. It can take advantage of the existing well patterns to efficiently exploit the remaining oil potential during high water-cut period, and improve the injection-production relationship to the maximum extent to enhance the oil recovery by centralized energy supplement, synchronous interference fracturing and three-dimensional reservoir improvement to form more complex fractures to further increase the fracture-control reserves. This fracturing is the first startup project that Jilin Oilfield responds to low oil prices and takes the reform measures to old oilfields. After receiving good results, it will be applied comprehensively within the whole range of Jilin Oilfield.

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