Saudi Aramco同土耳其公司签订战略协议

沙特阿美石油公司(Saudi Aramco)表示:公司同18家土耳其公司签订战略协议。这些公司将竞标即将展开的与Saudi Vision 2030相关的多个项目。这些备忘录将促进沙特同土耳其近十年来稳定增长的商业往来与经济合作。双方将展开更多的双边贸易与投资。协议将密切两国之间的商业合作伙伴关系。Saudi Aramco总裁Nasser表示:公司期待与土耳其公司在未来合作并将继续努力实现承诺的Saudi Vision 2030。这是土耳其公司的巨大机遇,有利于他们在沙特投资发电、石油及铁路等领域。

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State oil giant Saudi Aramco said it has signed strategic agreements with 18 Turkish industrial enterprises which will enable them to bid for it upcoming projects in support of its Saudi Vision 2030.The MoUs will strengthen Saudi-Turkish business and economic cooperation, which has been growing steadily over the past decade, reflected in increased bilateral trade and investment between the region’s two leading economies, said a statement from Saudi Aramco. The agreements also have the potential to expand commercial partnerships between the two countries, it stated.” we look forward to working with Turkish firms on future projects,” stated Nasser, the president and CEO of Saudi Aramco.”These efforts continue to underscore the commitment by Saudi Aramco towards achieving Saudi Vision 2030″”This is a great opportunity for Turkish companies, particularly to bring their expertise and invest in the Kingdom’s future,” he stated. According to him, the Turkish companies represent leading players in a diverse range of business activities, including power generation, petroleum, and roadways.