印度Oil India公司“采油树采购”招标

招标单位:Oil India Limited(OIL)

Christmas Tree Assy., 351 Kg./Cm.Sq.(5000 psi) Working Pressure, 65.09 mm (2.9/16″) x 52.39 mm (2.1/16″), Double Arm single string conforming to API specification 6A (latest edition), as detailed below:
Material: Minimum 60 K API Cast Forged Alloy Steel
Product specification level: PSL 1
Performance Rating: PR 1
Material Class: AA
Temperature Rating: U
Working Pressure: 351 Kg/Cm.sq.(5000 psi)
Test Pressure: 526 Kg/Cm.Sq.(7500 psi)

标书费:USD 500
投标保证金:USD 7320
投标截止日期:2016.10.26 at 11:00 IST
开标日期:2016.10.26 at 14:00 IST

1. A copy of valid API authorisation certificate/licence is to be forwarded.
2. Manufacturer must forward their Inspection Schedule in respect of above for inspection by Third Party Inspectorate Agency along with the offer. Bidders are required to forward the related Technical Brochure & Drawings showing all the major and critical dimensions along with the bids.
3. Third Party Inspection is applicable against this tender. All inclusive charges for Third Party Inspection must be indicated separately in the online price format.
4. OIL’s approved Third Party Inspection Agencies are M/s. Lloyds, M/s. Bureau Veritas, M/s. Rites, M/s. IRS, M/s Tuboscope Vetco and M/s. DNV. Please refer clause 7.90 of Section – A of general terms and condition (MM/Global/E-01/2005-July2012).