招标单位:Cairn India Ltd(CIL)

招标内容:Pre-qualification for petroleum engineering (well services) requirements for RJ-ON-90/1, CB-OS/2 and RAVVA block

Sl. No. Category Services Description
1 Thru-Tubing Services Straddle Packer (onshore) Provision of tubing/rod-running unit/CT deployed straddle packers for isolation (including single packer system) of perforation and selective treatment of reservoir for the Cairn Assets. The system should be Acid/Diesel/N2 compatible to be set in different sizes of tubing/casing. Rate-1.5 BPM, Temp Rating > 120 deg C.


1. EOI evaluation will be done based upon following criteria Go/No Go criteria: For Sl. No. 1-
a) Bidders shall have minimum 3 years of experience in supply of Straddle packer services.
b) HSE management and Capability to comply with safety norms and CIL Safety Standards.
2. Letter of interest clearly indicating the Project references.
3. Detailed Company Information with Organisation structure, List of manpower with CVs of key Personnel, Plant and Machinery list mentioning year of manufacturing, Support agencies and other facilities & resources.
4. Details of completion of similar type of projects in the last five years under headings:
a. Brief scope of work
b. Value of work in INR
c. Contractual Duration
d. Actual completion of Project
e. Clients name
f. Contact details of the Client (CIL may approach the client directly for the feedback)
g. Safety Certification / Inspection of plant and machineries
h. HSE statistics, LTI graph etc.
5. Typical Project Planning and Execution methodology.
6. List of all jobs under execution with the value of the Job and percentage completion. (With particular Emphasis on project of similar magnitude carried out in Oil and Gas Sector)
7. Experience of working in similar terrain.


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