招标单位:Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company SAOC

招标项目:EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning) for PP (Polypropylene) C3 Treater
The scope of work:
Sohar Refinery (SR) was commissioned in the year 2006. Besides production of fuels for the domestic market, the refinery is also committed to supply naphtha and propylene feedstock to Aromatics Plantand Polypropylene Plant respectively.
Enhancing the existing purification system by installing new bigger treater vessels to remove the impurities from propylene feed and hence improving catalyst productivity and producing on spec PP(Polypropylene) products.
This document describes the minimum requirements for CONTRACTOR’s scope of work including design and engineering, procurement & supply of materials and consumables, fabrication, erection, testing, insulation, painting, commissioning, Guarantee Test Runs and supply of commissioning / mandatory spares for PP C3 Treater Project of Orpic, Sohar, Oman.
The mains tasks to be done by contractor are the following:
1.Detail engineering of project: Process, civil, piping, electrical, instrumentation.
2.Fabrication,supply,transportation and delivery to ORPI Crefinery in Sohar (Oman), Incoterms 2010 of all the materials required for the project (equipment, piping, cables, instruments…)
3.Full construction of the project: Civil works ;Structures; Piping; Mechanical works; Electrical; Instrumentation and Control works;
4.Installations of all materials and equipment
5.Painting and Insulating as required
6.Quality control / test / NDE according to ORPIC specs
7.Pre commissioning, commissioning and Start-up activities
Apart from this document, BIDDER must also visit site to understand complete scope of work. For specific details, please see section C4“Scope of Work” and C6“Technical Specification”, available upon payment of the Tender Fee.

Bidder must submit the organogram for approval on Omanisation part (this is a mandatory requirement):
(1)50% of goods (including equipment) must be sourced locally / domestically (in Oman), refer to Table D1,available upon payment of the Tender Fee
(2)50% of the services must be sourced locally / domestically (in Oman), refer to Table E,available upon payment of the Tender Fee
Failure to comply with this ICV (in country value) and Omanisation requirement may result in Bidder’s disqualification. If your company considers this requirement is not feasible, Bidder must justify in detail the reasons for Bidder’s concern.

标书费:1300 OMR
投标截止日期:2016.10.24 10:00


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