招标单位:Iranian Offshore Oil Company(IOOC)

Item Subject Tender No. Amount of Bid Bond Period of Services
1 Chartering of One Utility Vessel 042/95/OT Rials 2,435,014,000 or AED 287,861 2 years
2 Chartering of One Crew Boat 043/95/OT Rials 3,423,025,200 or AED 404,661 2 years
3 Chartering of One Crew Boat 044/95/OT Rials 3,423,025,200 or AED 404,661 2 years
4 Chartering of One Crew Boat 045/95/OT Rials 3,176,022,400 or AED 375,461 2 years
5 Chartering of One ASD Vessel 046/95/OT Rials 3,670,028,000 or AED 433,861 2 years
6 Chartering of One ASD Vessel 047/95/OT Rials 3,270,028,000 or AED 433,861 2 years
7 Chartering of One ASD Vessel 048/95/OT Rials 3,270,028,000 or AED 433,861 2 years
8 Chartering of One AHTS Vessel 049/95/OT Rials 3,270,028,000 or AED 433,861 2 years

Location: Districts of IOOC in Persian Gulf Waters
Other item shall be considered:
1.Ability of submission 10% of total Contract Price value as performance guarantee in case of winning according to Company’s procedure.
2.Proposals should be submitted with no condition, incomplete, ambiguous or adverse of Package specification in deadline.
3.Company shall reserve the right to accept or reject any or all of proposals or part(s) thereof without giving any reason or explanation whatsoever.
4.The validity of the submitted financial proposals shall be 3 months from the Closing Date and extendable for one further period.
5.After confirmation by IOOC in Pre-qualification, Bidders shall deposit an amount of Iranian Rial 1,200,000 to IOOC account No. 59322230, Tejarat Bank and deliver receipt of the same to IOOC Contract Dept for receiving each Tender Documents
6.Address for willing to participate and submission Pre-qualification Documents: 5th floor, #12, Touraj St., Khakzad st., Vali-e-Asr Ave., after Balal Mosque, before Modarres Crossroad, Tehran, Iran.
Telephone: +98 21 23 95 25 10    Fax: +98 21 22 66 42 34
7.Bidders who have ability and are willing to participate in the Pre-qualification are requested to submit a written request to Contract Department, from 6th September, 2016 up to the end of the date 14th September, 2016 in the following address and by representative for collecting Pre-qualification table. Place and time of submission and opening of proposals will be stated in Tender Documents.
8.Closing Date for submission of the Pre-qualification documents shall be 28th September, 2016.

Note1: Bidders, who have been confirmed in Pre-qualification of chartering of Utility, Supply, AHTS, Mooring vessel Tenders, can send their request of participation for tenders stated in items No. 1&8 of above table without submission of Pre-qualification documents up to 14thSeptember, 2016.
Note2: Bidders, who have been confirmed in Pre-qualification of chartering of Fast Crew Boat Tenders, can send their request of participation for tenders stated in items No. 2,3&4 of above table without submission of Pre-qualification documents up to 14th September, 2016.



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