招标单位:Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company SAOC
招标项目:Call–Off Contract for Supply of Materials: SRIP Chemical Packages

The scope of work:
Requirement for the supply and delivery to site of Sohar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP) Chemicals on a call out basis for a period between May 2017 to April 2018. The total package consists of 5 different scope of Chemicals:
(1)General Chemicals-C5b.
(2) Speciality Chemicals.
(3) Waste Water Treatment Chemicals (WWT).
(4) Water Management Chemicals.
(5) Corrosive Chemicals.

Mandatory Requirements:
a. Bidder meeting with the Technical Specifications.
b. Bidder shall regularly monitor the chemical performance and dosage based on the product quality, targeted KPIs and impacts if any(On request only).
c. Bidder shall include for conduct routine site visits for optimization of chemical consumption (daily/weekly/fortnightly) for ensuring best economic use of chemical along with daily lab analysis and service report. Also monthly performance report submission to be ensured (On request only).
d. MSDS must be submitted along the bid documents.
e. Bidder shall comply with HSE requirements listed in the tender document especially a non-explosive certificate for the proposed skids regardless of zone classification.
f. Bidder to submit full technical details on proposed technology/chemicals.
g. Bidder shall provide detailed application procedure, method of statement and other technical documentations.
h. Bidder to provide the chemical skids (On request only). Note: Some chemicals are not compatible with available dosing skids or injection facility.
i. Bidder must deliver the chemicals in plastic pallet.

投标保证金:5400 OMR
标书费:675 OMR
投标截止日期:2016.10.03 11:00


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