招标编号: CMIT-OPD-10.30-160006-1

招标项目:Tender Announcement for Generator Synchronization control panel
Basic information:
The main scope of work in this tender is to purchase, install and commissioning 4-set Generator Synchronization control panels for ESP well FQ/19/FQ18/FQ17/FQ8.

1. ITT documents and all Bulletins/Clarifications during the tender period will be published on the following website:
User name: contractor
Password: contractor
2. Tenderer shall be obligated to provide prequalification documents in accordance with international practise. The tenderer will be disqualified provided that it fails to provide prequalification documents in accordance with international practice. The information below is the key items:
2.1 Scope of Business
The prequalification documents should be provided on time required in VENDOR REGISTRATION AND PRE-QUALIFICATION. Failure to submit on time will lead to rejection.
3. Contact Information
All interested companies shall submit all the required tender documents to Dubai office/Iraq Office on or before Tender Closing Time.
Dubai office: Ms. Zhou Rui +971 42108174(only for submission of tender proposals)
Iraq Office: Mr. Fahed Dahhak. Ali Karem. Farid Khussainov
Office Tel:+861084527122( with voice prompt)+7+6219 Extension Number
4. Notice: The tenderer whom will be awarded the contract successfully shall pay the fee for the announcement.

标书费:USD 100 (ITT documents can be downloaded for free, but tender fee USD100 is required while tenderer submits tender proposals)
投标截止日期:2016.08.31 17:00 (Dubai Time)


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