招标单位:Azzawiya Oil Refining
项目名称:New Reverse Osmosis Plant

Brief Scope of Works:
The main items of the Scope of Works for the new reverse osmosis plant shall include, but not limited to, the followings:
1. Preparation of a complete engineering design including detailed engineering works of all disciplines together with piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation works with all associated works required to execute a project of a reverse osmosis plant with a total capacity of 4000 m³/day with all its associated accessories.
2. Supply and install and commissioning:
A new reverse osmosis plant to produce drinking & industrial water from sea water, the R.O equipment mounted on skids , with the net capacity 4000m³/day.
2 x 1000 m³/day – as drinking water with TDS ~ 250 ppm
2 x 1000 m³/day – as industrial water with TDS ~ 1-2 ppm.
Two transformers M.V.3ph/I 1/0.4KV, & MI.V 6.6/0.4KV rating.
3. A new break tanks with associated accessories, such as pipes, connections, valves, pumps …etc. to be utilize for receiving sea/brackish water and production (drinking/industrial water).
4. Two submerged pumps with accessories, connections, fittings, in the current Sea water intake basins, with sufficient sea water, take in Account that, the RO. plant new & existing needs feeding 630 m³/h , pumping sea water from sea water intake basin up to Receiving tank at new R.O plant.
5. Extend/enlarge and prefabricate the existing R.O building, to make it capable to comprise existing and new R.O plants, the materials specifications & construction process of the new extension building part shall be similar to existing building.
6. Whole the civil works concerning the plant and associated accessories such as ground elevation, excavation, construct of foundation, laying pipes & cables, road crossing and steel structures….etc.
7. Commissioning, start-up and test run of the new reverse osmosis units shall be carried out in the presence of ARC engineers.
8. Supply of commissioning spare parts and spare parts for 2 (two) years’ operation and maintenance after final engineering.
9. Training program (Local & outboard) for ARC staff (Operation & maintenance).
List of documents required for the prequalification:

A complete profile for the company/contactor shall be Submitted to main tender committee. The prequalification documents shall include all information such as the following:
1. Introduction of the company/contractor highlighting the specialized field of activities.
2. Valid licenses for carrying out company activities in Libya.
3. Valid Local Tax Payment Certificate in Libya.
4. Statement of approved company’s financial status for the last three years (including annual budget).
5. Company’s technical staff organization chart and equipment list, including list of proposed personnel assigned for this project with brief CVs.
6. Contact details i.e. address of the company’s head-office and branches in Libya, telephone/ telefax numbers, email identities, official website etc.
7. Detailed list of past and current projects (especially similar projects) executed by the company with owners, locations, contract prices etc.
8. Certificates of Completion for similar projects in the past.
9. Full information about joint venture/subcontractors, if any, with their experience in similar projects (complete profiles).
10. Authority letter from the parent company in the event of prequalification of a branch or partner company.
11. The companies/contractors willing to take part in the prequalification process are required to submit their complete documents as required above with a copy of this advertisement stamped by the company/contractor before October, 6nd , 2016 to the following :
Chairman, Main Tenders Committee.
Office No. 15, Main Administration Building,
Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc.
Azzawiya, Libya.

For any inquiries, please contact the Main Tenders Committee at :
Tel: +218-21-3610539-42. Ext.5510and/or5331.
Direct Tel.&Fax: +218 (0)23 7643517&+218 (0)23 7643411
E.mail : maintender@arc.com.ly

NB: Only the successfully prequalified companies shall be invited later to receive the tender documents for the project.


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