招标单位:Midland Refineries Company
投标保证金:9000 US

招标内容:Filming Corrosion Inhibitor For Topping Unit Over Heads   QTY:60 Tons
1.An oil and water phase corrosion and fouling inhibitor, oil soluble and water-dispersible firm forming type, to be used in the vapourlines of all refinery towers( including atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, and catalytic) .
2. Target Corrosion Rate 2 MPY (max), 0.1 PPM Fe (max) in tail water.
3. It must be free of heavy metals or other catalyst poisons.
4. It should form a protective film on all contacted metal surfaces, controlling corrosion and fouling due to HCI, H2S, O2, CO2 and organic acids.
5. It should have high (wsim) rating.
6. Concentrated form is preferred t.E. dosage range from (2) to (8) PPM on total overhead flow.
7. It should be effective at high temperatures and in low PH systems.
8. High level of chloride tons should not interfere with the filming action of the inhibitor.
9. Method of application and dosage to be given.
10. Shelf life of material must be stated.
Origin:West European, USA, South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Iran.

投标截止日期:2016.09.19 13:00


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