招标单位:National Iranian Drilling Company(NIDC)
Tender No.:FP/03-95/015
Indent No.:9445048
Tender Guarantee:16047 Euro/552,000,000 Rial
Estimated Value:11,039,392,500 Rial


A) Quality evaluation criteria of tenderers: (1) Natural/ Legal entities (2) Financial soundness to supply materials in question, offer Bank Guarantee, Coded Check or deposit the equal amounts according to the table above in favor of NIDC. (3) Goodwill (4) Standardizing Products (5) Adequate Knowledge and experience in the relevant field (6) Company’s good reputation(7) Quality Guarantee of products (8) Suitability of products volume
B) Minimum acceptable point of quality is 60
C) Tenderers can receive the quality evaluation documents by sending their request to the fax no. : 061- 34148753 or In person at the following address: Hall No.:223, 1thfloor, Foreign Procurement Dept., National Iranian Drilling Company, Airport square, Ahwaz, IRAN
D) Qualified tenderers shall submit the completed documents within 14 days from publication of such a call (second time) to the following address: Hall No.:234, 1thfloor ,Tender Committee, Building operations, National Iranian Drilling Company, Airport square, Ahwaz, IRAN
E) The evaluation is just valid for current tender. In this regard for other tenders the quality evaluation documents and forms should be fill out and submitted separately.
F) Qualified tenderers whose documents have been accepted will be considered for award of tender documents thereafter.



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