招标单位:Midland Refineries Company
投标保证金:7500 US

招标项目:Electrical motors & starters (medium voltage)
1.3phase induction motor, with output power 1150kw, 3300 v, 50 HZ, lP 55, ambient temp max 55C°, 750 r.p.m, lC 611, duty type 51, insulation class F, temp. rise B , direction of rotation anti clock wise (from shaft end ). 数量: 1.
2.Motor start up panel. 数量: 2.
Motor start up panel to be manufactured with the following specification :-
(1)Metal – enclosed cubic including high reliability circuit breakers, load brea k switches, contactors, disconnectors, H.V fuses ,instrument transformers .
(2)Auto transformer type ONAN with tap 70% of the rated voltage 3300V
(3)Motor rated power 1L50 KW.
(4)Standards in accordance with l.E.C international recommendation
(5)Degree of protection, lP 44
(6)Ambient temp , 55C°
(7)Type of contactors , Vacuum with surge arrestors or SF6 .
(8)Bus bar, copper
(9)The panel should have : (a)Protection for the motor against prolonged starting, locked rotor, earth fault, negative sequence; (b)Under voltage relay with time delay.(c)The protection relay should be for protection purpose and not for control .
(10)On the front door : (a)Local/Remote swith; (b)Start, stop, reset push buttons; (c)lndication lamp for on/off /fault; (d)Ammeter; (e)Voltmeter (indicating the 1ph voltage); (f)Hours run meter; (g)lndication/ Blown of power fuses
(11)Note: available control 110 VDC .
Offer will show: (a)ElectricaI characteristics (b)Cable description and composition (c)Drawings (d)Manufacturer and origin.
(12)Electrical spare parts to be provided for 2 years :(a)2 set of M.V power fuses.(b)spare parts for the vacuum contactors
Country of origin: Germany, France, Japan, U.S.A, U.K.

投标截止日期:2016.8.29 13:00


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