伊拉克Gas Falling Company“噻吩采购”招标

招标单位:Gas Falling Company

招标项目:Supply for Thiophene in amount of (50) ton from West Europe origin with estimate price about (512,500) $ as an operation budget of 2016
Odorant for LPG-Thiophene C4H8S (Tetrahydrthiophene) Purity wt% 98Min Distillation B.P 118 C°D.P 124C°at Density 999Kg/m3 20C°,Flash Point F.P 13C,Viscosity 1.042mpa.sat 20C°,Evaporation Residue Wt%<0.2,Backing in corrosion resistant Steel Drums of 200Kg.  数量:50 tons.

1. Foreign companies may submit their offers by DHL, any offer which is sent by e-mail will be disregarded.
2. Iraqi companies and foreign companies’ branches which are registered in the Iraqi Ministry of Trade should submit the tax clearance from the general commission for taxes valid for 2016.
3. Bidder’s (complete name, the commercial address, the phone numbers & e-mail) should be clearly and precisely shown on the offer’s envelope.
4. Employees and public sectors have NO right to take part in tenders directly or indirectly.
5. Bidders could refer to Ministry of Oil website (www.oil.gov.iq) and gas filling company website (www.gfc.oil.gov.iq) to know the required technical specifications and instructions of submitting the offers for above mention tender, knowing that Gas Filling Company e-mail is pd.taji@gfc.oil.gov.iq. All bids will be put in bids box at Gas Filling Company/ purchase department Baghdad/ Taji, the validity of the submitted offer must be at least (90) days.

投标截止日期:2016.08.21 14:00


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