招标单位:Syrian Petroleum Company
投标保证金:9900 Euro(国际供应商)
5150000 Syrian Pounds(本地供应商)
标书费:50 Euro(国际供应商)
2500 Syrian Pounds(本地供应商)
招标内容:Barite, 数量:3000 tons

1. Barite as API specifications and according to O.C.M.A spec. No. DFCP-3&according the following specification:
– Density: 4.2 g/cm 3 min
– Residue greater than 200 mesh(up to 3 % max)
– Residue greater than 325 mesh(up to 15% max)
– Alkalinity: 250 ppm max
2. Name of manufacturing company and origin of material are to be mentioned.
3. Packing: in uniform big bag capacity(1500kg)with strong hangers woven plastic bag with poly-ethylene inner bag.
4. Two samples(each 1kg)for laboratory testing send with the technical offer.
5. Bidder have the right to present or send representatives to present on testing of their proposal samples performance by the members of the S.P.C. specialist commissions in S.P.C. laboratories& in case they will not present so they have no right to object on the result of testing their proposal.
6. In case the delivered materials spec. is less than the LAB. Samples technical spec. in quality and effectiveness the supplier should deliver the equivalent quantity acc.to the approved basis in S.P.C. and if the material is not acceptable acc. to the tender book the supplier must replace it with new acceptable material.



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