印度Oil India公司“测井电缆采购”招标

招标单位:Oil India Limited(OIL)
项目名称:Measuring device ungalvanised well measuring wire lines to API STD. 9A 22nd edition, Section 8 Table 8.1. Quantity: 30 Reels.

2.34 mm Piano Wireline (Well measuring Line) to API STD. 9A. Length 6000 Mtrs.(20000 ft) per reel.
a. Breaking strength: 8.35 KN Max – 6.88 KN Min.
b. Elongation in 254 mm (10”): percent-Min: 1.5, Max: 3.
c. Torsional Requirement: A 203.2 mm (8”) long test specimen from each reel kept under tension applying a load of 84.52 Newton (19 Lbs.) must withstand 23 No. minimum of 360 degree twist before breakage occurs.

标书费:USD 100
投标保证金:INR 37,950

1. Each reel should bear supplier’s name and identification mark in permanently embossed form.
2. Each reel should be packed properly in a sturdy wooden weather proof crate to prevent damage of reels during transportation and handling.
3. Material will have to be inspected, tested and certified adequately by OIL’s approved third party inspection agency against following scope of inspection and the test certificate thereof should be forwarded to us.
4. Elongation, tensile test & torsion test must conform to API Specn. 9A.
5. Verification of the uniformity of cross-sectional area and homogeneity of material property throughout the entire length of Wireline.