招标单位:Syrian Petroleum Company
投标保证金:140 Euro(国际供应商)
75000 Syrian Pounds(当地供应商)
标书费:50 Euro(国际供应商)
2500 Syrian Pounds(当地供应商)


N Description
1a Drill pipe(5”&3 1/2”)
Inspection the tube body in according with DS-1 Category-4 including the following:
A –Clean both pin and box end
B-Clean both slips and upset areas
C-vision body inspection
D-OD gauge full length
E-Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements
F-electromagnetic inspection full length scanning
1b Magnetic particle inspection of slips and upset area for both sides looking for cracks in stress area in according with DS-1 category-4 by using MP1
1c Black light inspection on connections in addition to DS-1 category-4
1d Inspection of tool joint per DS-1 category (visual connection-dimensional-2)
1e Refacing of damaged shoulder seals of drill pipe
2 Drill collers(D=10”-9”-8”-6 1/2”-6 1/4”-4 3/4”-3 1/2” )
Inspection of connection and elevator groove per DS-1 category3-5(visual connection black light. connection dimentional. elevator groove)
3 Subs. Stabilizers.x-overs,etc.(all size)
Inspection of connection per DS-1 category3-5(inspection including visual connection,black light connection,dimensional)

1、SPC provide food accommodation for the inspection crew.
2、Inspection equipment and crew mobilized within 24hours.
3、The period contract is 1 year. Guaranty period is 3 months, after inspection-the inspection in Midle area oil fields&rigs.
4、Inspection amount:-2500 drill pipes &200(drill coller) contain 400 thread&50(subs. Stabilizers. X-overs,etc.(all size).contain 100 thread).
5、This quantity is divided to four parts, every one part contain(625DP+50DC+12Subs).


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