招标方:Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company SAOC
Tender No: 9900008848 
Tender Name: EPC /Turnkey contract (Construction a blast resistant Operation shelter at the LPG loading bay at Mina Al Fahal Refinery (MAF) ) 

Mina Al-Fahal Refinery Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) truck loading facility is located inside the refinery premises. The current operatory control cabinet for the facility is not blast resistance and located very close to the loading facility. It is recommended that the control cabinet shall be blast proof and to be located appropriately. Orpic decided to employ and EPC Contractor to engineer, design, procure, supply construct the Shelter.

The scope includes Civil, electrical, Instrumentation and IT works and it shall be the CONTRACTOR’s responsibility to study and provide detailed design for all the project requirements.
Basis of design for blast resistant operatory building shall be according to American Petroleum Institute (API) standard for Oil and Gas industry and Orpic requirements as per attached Blast resistance Building sketch. The building size and rooms shall be as per the attached sketch, and shall include water supply and drainage facility, piping and septic tank.

All Instrument, Electrical, IT cable conduits and trench design, material supply and construction with back filling and reinstatements shall be carried out as required by CONTRACTOR.

This Tender is a public open tender and is open to any company, local or international, that can meet the Technical and Commercial criteria. Tenderers that participate in this Tender that are not registered with Joint Supplier Registration System (“JSRS”) will be required to register on their website (http://businessgateways.com/jsrs) if their Tender is successful. However it is advisable for all Tenderers to commence registration during the Tender Process.

标书费 :OMR 115.000
投标截止时间:2016.7.25 11:00 am


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