招标单位:AL-WAHA Petroleum Company Limited

Item Qty UOM Description
1 2 Pcs Producer
1.1 2 Pcs Oil wellhead
1.2 2 Km Oil flow line
2 1 Pcs Injector
2.1 1 Pcs Wellhead including oil wellhead and injection wellhead
2.2 1 Km Water injection flow line
3 1.6 Km OHTL
4     River crossing
4.1   Pcs River crossing ≤5m
4.2   Pcs 5m< river crossing ≤ 10m
4.3   Pcs 10 m < river crossing ≤ 20m
4.4   Pcs River crossing >20m

1. General introduction of the participants (Including Subcontractor)
1.1 Qualified to conduct international contracted projects, labor cooperation, imports and exports, and engineering design and construction (provide relevant qualification certificates)
1.2 Company Profile (including relevant information on size of business, technological capacity, scope of business and quality assurance capability etc.)
1.3 Business license and annual inspection registration certificates
1.4 Copy of identification card or passport of the legal person Tax Registration Certificate
1.5 Organization Code Certificate
1.6 Qualification certificate and annual inspection registration certificate
1.7 Quality management program
1.8 ISO 9000 or equivalent
2. Professional qualification documents of the participants
3. Project Capability and Historical performance home and abroad in recent 5 years (Including Subcontractor)
3.1 Overall organization structure of joint venture/construction
3.2 Subcontractors
3.3 Functional organizational chart
3.4 Project team key personnel and qualification
3.5 Description of main construction equipment to be invested
3.6 Description of projects historical performance home and abroad in recent 5 years
4. Quality assurance/control and HSE Program (Including Subcontractor)
5. Audit reports and financial statements audited by a third party professional audit agency in recent three years and Bank credit certificates (Including Subcontractor)
6. Local Content Participation
7. Other materials should be supplemented if needed

1. All prequalification documents should be submitted before Beijing Time July 7th, 2016 by hand
2. Prequalification document submission address:
Beijing: Floor 3, Tongxun Building, A2 Andeli North Street Xicheng District Beijing, China. E-Mail: qixin@petroalwaha.com
Iraq: AHDEB OILFIELD, TOWN AL KUT, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ. E-Mail: husam.waha@gmail.com & wangshaoyu@petroalwaha.com & xueshimin@petroalwaha.com