Name: 3rd Uganda International Oil & Gas Summit

Date: 2017/9/27 – 2017/9/28

City: Kampala

Country: Uganda

Website: http://www.uiogs.com/


展会地点:乌干达 · 坎帕拉    |    展会时间:2017927-29


乌干达国际石油天然气峰会迎来了第三届,是乌干达政府官方、也是乌干达最大的石油天然气大会。这是乌干达政府和乌干达能源与矿产开发部发布对该区域石油天然气开发生产最新发展状况和政策的官方渠道,吸引乌干达国家石油公司NOC Uganda、道达尔Total、中海油CNOOC、塔洛石油Tullow Oil, SGS等众多石油天然气行业巨头。


今年第三届乌干达国际石油天然气峰会将于9月27-28日在乌干达首都坎帕拉Serena酒店举办。此次大会将再次由乌干达总统约韦里·穆塞韦尼先生携乌干达能源与矿产开发部部长HON.ENG.IRENE MULONI及乌干达石油管理局负责人欧内斯特·鲁本先生共同主持。大会得到乌干达能源与矿产开发部的指导和支持,以及乌干达国家石油公司和乌干达石油管理局的支持。




  • 丰富的油气资源。截止目前为止,乌干达发现处油气资源超过21处,已钻探井量达87个,现有油气田21个,期待已久的待开发的区块比比皆是。近65亿桶石油和5000亿立方英尺天然气摆在我们面积亟待开发。乌干达毫无疑问是最热门也是最具投资回报前景的选择。
  • 积极的政府政策支持。乌干达目前积极制定、实施石油和天然气发电的商业化计划,优化国家能源结构,同时为石油、天然气提供价值和途径来促进生产。计划在第一个分阶段,将产油能力发展到60000桶/日,并建设一条长340千米的输送管道来运输成品油到市场。原油出口管道将在乌干达西部内陆地区霍伊玛开始,在坦桑尼亚的坦噶印度洋港口结束。此外,目前乌干达正在与坦桑尼亚政府一起讨论相关的协议,包括政府间协议和传输协议。今年5月26日,双方签署了一项5亿美元原油出口管道项目提议的框架协议,目标在三年内将乌干达石油运输到国际市场,这将是里程碑式的举措。协议包括条款的税收优惠项目、实现时间、管道大小等,这条管道有望在2020年完成。该管道长1445千米,直径24英寸,通过对其进行加热,可以保持高粘性液体原油顺利流动。这条原油管道将成为世界上最长的电热原油管道。
  • 乌干达石油管理局与国际石油公司的大力支持




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Brief Introduction

The international oil and gas industry is once again set to converge for the Ugandan government’s official annual conference for oil and gas development – the Uganda International Oil & Gas Summit (UIOGS).
Now in its third year, UIOGS will take place 27-28 September at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda. Hosted again by H.E. Yoweri K Museveni alongside Hon. Minister Irene Muloni, and Dr Ernest Rubondo, UIOGS 2017 is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda with the support of theUganda National Oil Company and Petroleum Authority Uganda.

The programme for UIOGS 2017 will discuss and debate the future of oil and gas exploration and production in the region. A timely meeting for policy makers, global investors, oil and gas companies, lawyers, consultants and other stakeholders to find out more about the state of exploration and production as it is now and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.


Early Bird Rate

Currently we are running a helpful early bird rate, which is available to all that sign up before the close of June this year. This gives a 20%+ reduction for attendance fee and stands for all employees and any guests that participating companies wish to register.

Why Uganda?

With over 21 oil and/or gas discoveries made to date, 87 oil wells drilled and 21 fields in existence, the long-awaited development phase is now certainly in full flow. With 6.5 billion barrels of oil and close to 500 billion cubic feet of gas initially in place and ready for development, Uganda is unquestionably one of the hottest prospects and most promising areas for exploration ROI on offer.

Added to that – a stabilised government, numerous tax and financial breaks for investors, refinery underway, pipeline development and pound for pound one of the most cost effective options for oil extraction available, the Albertine Graben offers a real opportunity in a climate that requires nothing less than value for investment.

How can your company participate?

Join hundreds of prospecting oil majors, the ministry, national oil companies, service providers, contractors, investors, financial services, indigenous companies, law firms and every stop along the value chain, for Uganda’s official and largest oil and gas summit – UIOGS 2017 and combine insight into opportunities with purposeful meetings.

To discuss the most effective solution for you, please contact us: E: lilan@fonchan.com;  T:+86 18602226273.


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